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Josef Mambo
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Autor:  Mac [ piątek, 1 kwie 2016, 10:28 ]
Tytuł:  Josef Mambo

Josef Mambo (born in 1885 in Tanga, East Africa) was brought to Germany as a child and later served as the kettle drummer in the 3rd Prussian Horse Grenadiers ("Grenadier Regiment zu Pferde 'Freiherr von Derfflinger' Nr. 3"). During the First World War he was promoted through the ranks to Sergeant and was twice wounded, once in Russia and once at Verdun. After the war he took part in the German African Exhibition of the late 1930s where he was interviewed about his life: "Mambo, that was the name of the black man we talked to. He told us of his native lands, which he left when he was a child. In the year 1897 he was brought to Dresden by a baron from Alsace and brought up as a foster child. He never saw East Africa again. Instead Mambo reached a certain grade of fame in Germany, because from 1904 to 1913 he was the drummer of the mounted grenadier regiment in Bromberg, to which he was assigned by the Kaiser for the regiment's 200th anniversary. When the World War started, Mambo first went to Russia and then to France with his old regiment. The Iron Cross second class and Wound Medal show that he fulfilled his duty during the war.

"Mounted grenadier regiment in Bromberg" to chyba Grenadier zu Pferd Regiment „Freiherr von Derfflinger“ (Neumärkisches) Nr. 3?

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